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To support Kurdish businessman and to facilitate payments in Europe we issue bank cards. In cooperation with European bank we can offer cards for businessman in Kurdistan. It takes 1 signature and around 1 month to send you our card. It can be used for internet payments and booking, payments in shops all over the world, withdraw cash from ATM machines. We also can take cash from you and transfer it to your card. Card is issued by European Bank, account is held in Europe so your money is save. You will not have to carry cash with you any more during your travels. You can book hotels and airplanes online from your computer. Whenever you need cash you can withdraw your money in any country. You also can check your account details and balance online after registering through our office in Kurdistan.

We offer:

  • Bank prepaid card – your electronic wallet
  • Valid in Euro or US Dollars all over the world
  • Ready for online and shops payments, online booking, money withdraw
  • No payment limits in the card or limited if you want
  • Account is in European Bank, money is save


Click here to order Prepaid Master Card online and get it from our office or submit here your email address or phone and our representative will contact you.